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How to deliver screen doors and window screens

Many of our customers ask how do you deliver your sliding screen doors and window screens? Steve Tristan and his son Aidan behind the camera shows us on this hot summer day, how they delivered some window screens in the local area of Acton, CA. They are a little winded and its hot out, but their efforts paid off. Another delivery completed. Check!

Los Angeles County and most of Southern California is currently being delivered on our own trucks. Steve was assisting this week due to the overwhelming amount of orders placed on the companies website during the pandemic.

Check out the extra effort they made to get the screens delivered right to the customers door. The company van is a front wheel drive six cylinder engine for fuel efficiency, could not make it up the hills dirt road. Lower down the hill were large holes and it was very sandy too. Steve said the tires were turning but they were sliding and were not going to get us up the hill. The van would have surely got stuck or possibly tipped. So to be safe Steve and his son decided to climb the hill to make this delivery. They could have brought back another truck at a later time, but the one thing that drives the company is Steve’s determination to serve the customer.

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Read more about Steve Tristan by reading his Bio: https://bestcustomscreens.com/steve-tristan-director-of-operations/

The local Acton location web page is https://bestcustomscreens.com/acton/

Order your window screens at https://bestcustomscreens.com/product/window-screen-replacement/

Order all the BCS products at https://bestcustomscreens.com/shop/

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