Klein Tools Tape Measure

Klein Tools Tape Measure Features & Benefit – By Steve Tristan

Steve Tristan reviews the Klein Tools 25 Foot Measuring Tape. While on the jobsite, he explains his favorite features of the tape.

First the magnet on the end really sticks to metal. Especially corner bead when measuring window frames for window coverings, blinds, or shades.

Second, is the stop that holds the tape in place when you need it to. Easy to use and pro friendly.

Quality! That’s only word I can think of when I see this amazing tape measure. Klein Tools did a great job designing this tools. No wonder. They make tools for professionals. We who need the right tool for the job.

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#1 Best Tape Measure Review https://youtu.be/i1UK8IPXO6I

Who is Klein Tools? Klein tools is a tool manufacturer for professional since 1857. The are proud of their products with quality, durability, and precision.

In 1857 Mathias Klein forged a single pair of plyers for a tradesman in need. For the next six generations, that one tool turned into millions. Their proprietary forged steel and commitment allows them to take pride in their tools. More so they are prouder of the work the tools help you do.

More on the history of Klein Tools here https://www.kleintools.com/history

Who is Steve Tristan? Find out more about Steve Tristan at https://stevetristan.com/ and https://bestcustomscreens.com/steve-tristan-director-of-operations/

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