Kidney donation

Handyman donates kidney to his client

Handyman Donates Kidney

Handyman Dan Reynolds donated his kidney to his client Tony Antonelli, after his wife’s kidney after 4 years started to fail.  Finding a match is difficult. A man with 13 Grand Children.  Dan Reynolds an Army Veteran, knows something about being down on his luck. He spent a few year living in a van.

He is known in the Maryland neighborhood as the Handyman with a heart of gold. When Dan noticed Tony look pale, he asked him if he was okay. Tony told him that he may be needing to go on Kidney Dialysis. Immediately Heroic Dan the Handyman told him that he would be honored to donate him a kidney. Tony was stunned. 

Now after the surgery is complete and everything is well. The men consider themselves blood brothers and their families have grown together.

Steve Tristan‘s Opinion:

Steve Tristan shares about how a handyman can brand themselves online with integrity and transparency. Plus he mentions a couple of examples: Including the heroic handyman who gave his kidney to his customer. Also, a handyman who specializes in serving senior citizens while not over charging.

It is really amazing that there are some really GOOD and kind hearted people in this world. During this world of chaos there is a beacon of hope and a light to truth. No matter what, I do believe that Dan is a man of faith. I may be wrong, but who else could step up without a doubt and help his neighbor in need.

Remember that Love is to will to good of the other. Dan the man! Dan the Handyman! Dan the Heroic Handyman!

We are also honored to hear your story and we hope that it inspires other to love as you have. May God Bless You, your family and the Antonelli family.

I have met many amazing people who are handyman. This amazing man Dan should inspire us all to always lead with love and to start our day in truth.  I also know another man who is a handyman. He used to be a Real Estate Inspector for many years and when 2008 came the market change. He decided that serving others by helping retired people with the tasks around the house would be a good way to make a living. He left his career as an inspector and became a handyman. He has been an inspiration to many others because of his kindness and hardwork. He does far more then what he is paid for and he truly does it from his heart. We love this man, Richard Govea. Another inspiration to us all.

Do you know any handymen who inspire you or others?

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